Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

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1. The number of games included is different.

2. Y2 PRO and Y2 HDMI the game are not repeated games .

3. Y2 HDMI supports HDMI output, the picture quality is more high definition

Note: Dear customer friend! We have now upgraded the first generation of controllers and replaced some of the design concepts, now we are sending the latest gamepads! Please see our picture description!

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Wireless Retro Game Supports HMDI Output

DATA FROG’s latest version of the gamepad, do you feel very retro with childhood taste? I guess the answer must be! Our design philosophy starts from the trend and trend of the times, and widely accepts the opinions of customers to introduce this control handle for everyone!

The improved version of the handle design makes the two gamepads look simpler and more elegant, giving the gamer a retro feel. If you want to play classic games with good friends or family, remember happy childhood, forget the troubles of life and work, please don’t miss it, be sure to choose it! This game console can meet your requirements! Remember, this product is a great choice for a good friend!

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Plug and Play, No Action Required

DATA FROG understands that buyers are very upset because their favorite products have arrive to their side but will not operate! We have been working hard to make products, carefully consider the buyer’s needs and various difficult steps. We have developed a game console for you that does not require any driver to be installed automatically. Just plug the game console into the TV’s USB port and use the TV. The remote control sets the corresponding channel and you can start playing the game! Very simple and easy to operate!

Note: If you plug the game console into the TV usb interface and find that there is no reaction, we have tested and we can conclude that the voltage may not be the same due to the voltage difference in each country. The solution we give is not to plug the game console directly into the TV. You can use an external USB plug to ued.Please don’t worry, this is only a small number of customers can not use, most of the customers can operate normally!

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Build-in 568 Non-repeating Classic Games

This black video game controller supporting HDMI output, due to technical and chip requirements, we can only add 568 non-repeating classic games for you! Solve the problem of the first generation of game consoles repeating the game, don’t worry about losing your game mood because of many repeated games. If you feel that repeated games are bothering you, be sure to choose it! Are you very interested in what games are built into our game console? Is there something you are looking forward to? Please leave us a message and we will send you a list of games!

Note: The game shown in the picture is for reference only!

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV ConsoleY2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Support HDMI Out

DATA FROG’s first-generation video game console only supports AV output, and many HDTV customers are very dissatisfied with the image! Constantly make suggestions for us to change! DATA FROG thank you very much for your support! Therefore, we have upgraded and tried the original technology, and now we have officially introduced this black 8-bit video game console that can support HDMI. Are you looking forward to it?

Our video game controller can play wireless functions and support USB charging within 10 meters. It is being solved because of the length of the handle line, it has to be close to the TV, resulting in eyesight loss caused by immersing in a fierce game for a long time! More importantly, both handles can support exiting the game, just press and hold SELECT+START at the same time.

Note: This handle does not currently support saving the game!

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV ConsoleY2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Powering Saving

Low power infrared connection! This controller requires two AAA batteries. Due to safety issues during transportation, our packaging does not send batteries. Customers need to buy at a local store. Why should DATA FROG design AAA controllers for customers? According to our many years of sales experience, we believe that the lithium battery game controller has a certain life span, we want to provide you with better service and quality, the handle solution using AAA battery is the best!

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV ConsoleY2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Packing List

2 X Controller (not including batteries)
1 X Game Stick
1 X Charging Cable

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Wireless Retro Game Supports AV Output

The improved version of the design makes the two gamepads look more concise and generous, giving a retro feel. This game console build-in 600 non-repeating classic games!Upgrade the game of the first generation of video game controllers. If you feel that the repeated games are bothering you, please feel free to choose it!

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV ConsoleY2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV ConsoleY2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Support AV Out

The second generation of game consoles we still retain the first generation of design concepts, considering the problem of some buyers’ TV sets, we continue to introduce game consoles that can support AV output for buyers.

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV ConsoleY2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Wireless PC Controller

This game video controller supports Windows7/8/10 and Mac OS 10.7 above.
Note:This is just a wireless controller, you can’t play built-in games on computer. But it can be used as a control handle. You only need to set the key location to play your own computer game!

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV ConsoleY2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Wireless Handheld TV Video Game Console

This video game console uses white as the main color, making the two gamepads look simpler, lighter and less cumbersome. If you want to play classic games with good friends or family, please miss the past, please choose it! It can meet your requirements!

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Build-in 620 Classic Games

Y2 first generation game console, this game console we built 620 classic games! You can relive the classic game with your family or friends, let you immerse yourself in a happy game, and forget the troubles at work and the troubles in your life. Please note: The game console does not support downloading games and saving games for the time being! (Give us a message to get a list of games)

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Plug and Play,Support AV Out

This game console can be used directly on the TV! More convenient! This is a good choice for you to give a gift. The video game controller can play wireless functions within 10 meters and supports USB chargers. Both handles can exit the game.

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Product details

If you think this game is too boring, you can opt out. You just need to hold down the start and B button on the handle to quit the game!

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

Slim Body Design

The game console is very compact and easy to carry!Have a good time with your good friends and share the joyful process!

Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console


Solution to common questions of buyers!

Q: Why is there no signal when the game console is connected to the TV ?

A: We recently received feedback that our Y2 HD is not working properly. We have tested and found that some TV HD signals are too weak. We will add a signal to the product to enhance the extension cable for normal use. If you have this situation, please contact us! We will provide you with a solution.

Q: Is the image clear on the TV?

A: Dear friends! Our game console supports 4K HDMI output. At present, our game console is 8-bit. If you want more high-definition images, you can buy our 64-bit game console, the image will be clearer! If you need it, please contact us and we will send you a link!

Q:Why is the card in the AV version prefix different from the normal SD card?

A: Friend, this card is our special card, which is explained in the manual. Please use it normally!

Q:How to quit the game?

A:Hdmi version: use the p1 handle to press [SELECT + START] at the same time.
AV version: Use the p1 handle to press [B + START] at the same time.

Q: Can the game console save the game?

A:Dear friends! I am really sorry, this game console does not support saving game progress.

Q: Why did the black host start to burn after I played for a few minutes?

A:Dear friend, please don’t worry! Since this game console supports HD output, the chip will burn faster than the output of the av , but it will not affect the normal use, please rest assured!

Q: Why did the screen stop when I was playing the game console?

A:Dear friends! Our host needs 200mA power supply. It may be because the USB interface of the TV is not enough. You can try using the mobile phone charger to test it!

Brand Name


Color Display


Display Size


Touch Screen


Model Number







Video Game Console


Support TV Output Video Game


Built-in 620 Games

Funtion 2

Plug and Play, include AV cable


Not Incude


TV Game Console

Funtion 3

Video Gaming Console

Funtion 4

Game console

Funtion 5

Dual gamepad control

Funtion 6

Mini TV Game Console Handheld

Funtion 7

Handheld Video Games Console

Feature 1

Retro game console

Feature 2

Game console hdmi

Feature 3

Retro video game console

Feature 4

video game console hdmi

Feature 5

video game console tv

Feature 6

HDMI retro video game console

1000 reviews for Y2 USB Wireless Dual Gamepad TV Console

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    месяц доставка до Актау, все отлично, приставка работает

  2. AliExpress Shopper

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    1 Марио Броз 1, по очереди
    10 Марио Броз, на 2
    13 Тини тюн 2, на 1
    16 Батл сити, на 2
    17 Чип и Дэйл 1, на 2
    18 Чип и Дэйл 2,на 2

    1 Контра 1, на 2
    48 Чудеса на виражах, на 1, летать стрелять

    2 Дабл Дракон 2, на 2
    3 Дабл Дракон 3, на 2
    4 Черепашки ниндзя 1, на 1
    5 Черепашки ниндзя 2, на 2
    6 Черепашки ниндзя 3, на 2
    31 Монстр в моем кармане, на 2

    20 Рэйс Америка, на 2
    29 Зипи Рэйс, по очереди, на мотоцикле

    52 Батлтодс, на 2
    63 Бомбермен 2, на 1
    100 Чёрный плащ, на 1
    115 Утиные истории, на 1
    116 Утиные истории 2, на 1
    125 Кот Феликс, на 1
    126 Кот Феликс 2, на 1
    157 Айс климбер, на 2, прыгать с молотками вверх
    179 Лож Раннего, по очереди, сложная, воровать золото и убегать
    234 Полиция и вор, на 2, догонялки
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